Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lismore Garden Wall

This fabulous Club group project was created in 2010 to exhibit at the Lismore Embroiderers' Guild exhibtion "Our Built Environment". A piece of hand dyed cotton was padded to make the "wall" then individual "bricks" were worked in creative canvas work by the children. A trailing vine with leaves was added to make the wall look realistic and 3D fabric flowers were attached to satay sticks and displayed in a garden trough in front of the wall hanging. For Darling Harbour the flowers were pinned to the main wall for ease of transport and display reasons.

Lismore embroiderer Jane Freidreksen brought "The Garden Wall" to Sydney when she represented Lismore Club at the Annual Leaders' Conference in late April and instructed us how to re-assemble the wooden frame for display. On the day of set-up we couldn't remember the details so the fabric was thumb tacked over the frame and the whole thing suspended successfully on the wall thanks to a few T-pins. Next time we'll make sure to draw some diagrams ! Thankyou to Jane for bringing the Wall to Sydney for the Show, it was certainly a drawcard to the Stand along with the Convenor's Challenge. Thanks also to our friend Annie Huntley of Room for Threads who returned the Wall to Lismore on her way home from the Show on Sunday.

Below are some detailed photos of some of the colourful blocks

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