Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Distance Club News August 2011

by Wendy Fuller

The Club has now enrolled 158 students. We’re so pleased that children are still accessing “Fun with Stitches” lessons and learning to express their creativity with needles, threads and fabrics. Presently lessons are being sent to five students in Year 1 and ten students in Year 2.
Several of these children are able to enjoy “Fun with Stitches” because of the sponsorships generously offered by various of our NSW Guild Groups. Thank you so much for this practical support.

Sophie, 11 years, comes from Wellington, situated between Dubbo and Mudgee and on the Mitchell Highway. The Macquarie River flows through the area and as I write this in early July, morning frosts would be crisping up the morning air and the grass underfoot. Sophie is mentored by her Grandmother and they enjoy “sewing days” together. Sophie’s Mum echoes an oft read sentiment: “My daughter is learning skills which I never did”. Interestingly, Lesson 4, Huckaback, introduced both grandmother and Sophie to Huck stitching, which they each enjoyed. “It was fun and I found it quite easy to do”, says Sophie. We’re all happy!

Victoria lives on a farm near Merriwa, which is west of Muswellbrook. Her membership to YTFG Distance Club was a gift from her aunt, and she has just returned her first lesson, a lovely bag. “My name is Victoria. I am 13 years old. I live on a farm with horses, cows, goats and a few sheep. When I make things I like using buttons. Some of my favourite things are reading, drawing, riding my horse and going to the beach”. From her mother: “These projects are good as it allows Victoria to learn something that I don’t particularly do or have time to do as a mother of four children.”

Samantha lives at Nowra Hill, which is semi rural and a few kms south west of Nowra. She really enjoys her embroidery, particularly counted thread and beading. Sam is really comfortable reading cross stitch patterns and transferring them to fabric. When beading can be added she’s even happier. We’ve become used to seeing really interesting buttons on her finished embroideries. Soon, this ten year old will be commencing Lesson 6, Canvas Work, and when this is finished she will be another happy graduate of “Fun with Stitches”, having extended her skills and her creativity.

We’re always excited to enrol new students to the YTFG Distance Club course “Fun with Stitches”. Spread the word…. Check the web page for examples of children’s work and tell others about this course. Who knows? We may be up to 200 enrolments by this time next year and many more children will have put “wow” factors into their designing and stitching. We can then admire their growing self confidence and their beautiful pieces of work. If you know a young person between 8 and 18 who would enjoy sewing, please contact Guild Headquarters.

Re-published with permission from The Record, Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc August 2011

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