Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guildford Club News

We have 13 members at the moment, with the average attendance at meetings being 9 students and 4 adults. Although I don't have an "official helper" mums and grandmas who stay with the kids are happy to help if needed. There are always needles to re-thread, knots to tie in threads, and suggestions to make about decorations.

Some of our favourite projects this year have included finger knitting, Dotee dolls (see second and third photo) and stitching cards. At our last meeting in September we re-visited finger knitting and made some headband covers (see first photo), snakes and belts from the knitted strips. I trialled knitting with cut up store branded plastic shopping bags, which was then threaded with fancy yarns and threads. I was then able to thread the strip onto a thin plastic headband. Veronica made one too, in a different colour. The girls sewed button eyes onto the strips to make friendly "snakes" as well.

In October, we'll be stitching Christmas designs on pre-punched window cards. We also made these cards at Easter time and they were a great hit with the kids. Then in November we'll be making some Christmas Dotee dolls when we start looking at Christmas crafts.

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