Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guildford Club update

Our last meeting fell in the middle of the school holidays, and just before the 50th Anniversary Exhibition. As a result only 4 of our regular members attended, but we made up for small numbers with our BIG enthusiasm for the project of the month. Finger knitting was a new technique to all the kids, and some of the parents as well. I found a tutorial on the internet and taught myself over a couple of days, so you can imagine my delight when all the kids managed to make several items in our 3 hour session. I brought along some of the fluffy, knobbly and hairy knitting yarns that are around at the moment as well as a couple of plainer ones. Some of the kids worked with 2 yarns together and had great results. I hope you like our pictures. Look for some instructions in the next Newsletter !
Christine, leader Guildford Club.

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