Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stitching the Generations Together on Grandparents Day 2016

The Junior Stitchers Group applied for and received a grant to hold a Grandparent's Day event from NSW Government Family and Community Services in October 2016. Our free Grandparents Day workshop called "Stitching the Generations Together" was held at the Masonic Hall Concord West on October 29th. Although not a large number of students and their grandparents could attend the tutors enjoyed helping those who came to make an embroidered and embellished "bag tag". The day started with a delicious morning tea then the participants selected pre-cut coloured felt shapes, threads and embellishments from the bright display and set about learning some simple stitches before adding beads and sequins to the front of the tag. Once a braid loop was pinned between the back and front sections they were stitched together securely. Everyone took home enough pieces to make another article as well as the stitching book which was included in the day. Thankyou to Family and Community Services for awarding our Group this Grant, we will apply again next year and hopefully have an even more successful workshop with more students introduced to stitching with Junior Stitchers.

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