Monday, May 5, 2014

Sydney Royal Easter Show workshop 2014

Wow, what a triumph we had at the Sydney RES ! We had planned a small workshop making this shooting star in felt and glitter scrapbooking card. Christine bought 10 felt craft squares and 2 large pieces of glitter card from the scrapbooking aisle at Lincraft. Some threads, beads and tinsel pipe cleaners were the final pieces to pull from the stash at home. On the day 3 ladies turned out to offer the kids a taste of stitching fun. We began at 11am on our Guild display in the Arts and Crafts hall. At first we thought we were in a poor location, but this soon changed as the day got warmer and people started coming into the air-conditioned pavilion for respite from the heat. We were just near the flower section so mums were bringing the kids in to see the flowers and soon we had a full table. With only 8 seats available we had to send some kids away for half an hour till a chair was free. By 2 pm we had used up all our supplies and all our energy too ! Some 30 plus children had made a shooting star out of felt and most had attempted a few stitches on them too. We gained a new member for Concord West on the spot and gave out lots of information about YTFG and the Guild in general. Diane Edwards also ran an adults activity on a frame where visitors were asked to add a stitch or two to a "garden" of flowers on hessian. A very successful day all around, will try to repeat next year ! Christine

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