Friday, October 26, 2012

Spring Magazine

The Spring magazine left Sydney on Wednesday 24th October, 2012 so I hope they are all delivered by now or nearly there. It contains mainly news and photos and a project. That project was the Einstein Owl which was so successful at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and Guild Exhibition in July. We'll have some completed ones for sale at Guild Market Day on Saturday November 24th at 76 Queen Street Concord West as well as some kits for giving as gifts at Christmas to crafty kids! We had a very successful October 2012 school holidays with Yvonne Chapman. 8 kids made colourful mixed media tote bags under Yvonne's guidance. Fluorescent fabrics and bright markers and paints set the trend, then appliqued and collaged fabrics were further embellished with beads, buttons and sequins and a few embroidery stitches. Finally Yvonne showed everyone how to make a twisted cord with 5 different threads stretched across the workroom, and eventually they all had a cord handle attached to a stitched up bag to take home.
students from Concord West Club proudly show their work

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