Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some BIG news

It looks like we could be taking the Annual Leaders' Meeting to Wagga Wagga in March next year. The Wagga Wagga group of the Guild is hosting the Convenors' Meeting where all the leaders of the various groups report and learn about the latest news. There's going to be lots of activities as well, including art shows, costume displays and talks. Our Committee thought that sounded like great fun, so we asked if we could take our ALM down as well. The final decision is being made in a week's time, but we're very enthusiastic about joining the rest of the Guild members in Wagga Wagga in Autumn 2010.

The other BIG news is that the Guild is updating the website and that will include the YTFG part, there are ideas being looked at already. We hope to offer some free projects, a member's only section and regularly updated news pages. When the new site is up and running well without any problems this blog will be closed, but never fear, there'll be a link for a while.

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