Sunday, January 20, 2008

Summer School at Concord West

4 students booked into "Let's go Crazy" on January 16th during Summer School, including Chloe who came from Cowra in western NSW. The students were offered the choice of 3 projects to do in Crazy Patchwork and they all decided to make a "kite shaped" scissor case. Isabella and Terry were younger students who needed more guidance while Chole and Claudia were choosing fabrics and starting to stitch them to the foundation square almost immediately. As soon as the squares were covered the students chose the beads, ribbons and other decorations to stitch on, and as Isabella had to leave early, she took her decorations along to finish her scissor case at home with her mum's help. Terry made a long "tail" of beads to finish his scissor case, while Claudia and Chloe were stil trying to decide whether to make a scissor case, or use the decorated squares in some other way such as on a cushion or bag. Everyone seemed to enjoy their day, although I was the only one who remembered to bring along their "crazy hat" !!! Another successful workshop for everyone involved.

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